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Shellbrook Wildlife Federation is a member based, not for profit community organization dedicated to supporting sensible wildlife conservation and habitat projects in the Shellbrook and Parkland areas for many years. We are a branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, a non-government, non-profit, charitable conservation organization with more than 33, 000 members in the province. We are also involved in community based environmental and conservation projects in Moose Jaw and surrounding area. We are also involved in provincial projects to restore and conserve habitat for wildlife for future generations.
We are a volunteer based association with over 600 members; we are one of the larger rural affiliates of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. With a lot of effort and expanded projects and facilities, our local club membership has grown in the last few years faster than any other Wildlife Federation in the Saskatchewan.
Our clubhouse and indoor range are at 99 2nd St SW Shellbrook. (just south of the old tracks on west side, beside the golf course). Shellbrook Fish & Game League was started in 1952 by Lloyd & Clara Larson and Knute and Gladys Larson. Lloyd was the first president and Knute was the second club president a number of years later. Other presidents and active members in those early years were Henry and Janet Rydde, Ken & Doris Fraser, Jack and Gladys Rudolph, Smoky and Jean Wason. Some other active member surnames that come up in the memories of those and later years are Stene, Blakeney, Thomas, Clark, Pedersen, Delisle, Lundy, Stene, Stewart, Mason, McComas, Miller, Sterling, Kennedy, Rudolph, Moe, Gatzke, Stefan, Carswell, Gosselin, Cobb, Bates, Bilyk, Strube, Horricks, Tieszen, Diehl, Harris, Dupius, Shewchuk, Ledding, Helm, Mason, Tait, Sommerfeld and Muller.
The club name changed to Shellbrook Wildllife Federation in the 90’s. The club grew from 5 original members to 139 members at the turn of the century. In 2016 the membership has grown to 623 members.
In the early days the club meetings were held monthly in someone’s kitchen. As the club grew a few meetings were held in the Ordale hall, Cameo Hall, Hilldrop School, and then in the Shellbrook Legion Hall. In the early 1980’s the club members built the present clubhouse and indoor range at 99 2nd St SW in conjunction with the Golf clubhouse. The outdoor range was started in the Canwood forest in the 1980’s and upgraded in recent years with concrete pad and roofed shooting benches and log style picnic shack where today many families now enjoy nature, a wiener roast and target shooting outing.
The club has performed numerous outdoor and wildlife projects over the years. To name a few…..
-Using a caterpillar to plow a cleared area to feed White tail deer in the forest in the late fifty’s when the snow was very deep and the deer were all dying.
-Working on the elk restoration project in the 80’s and 90’s.
-Duck nest baskets on many ponds and maintaining them every year.
-Fish management netting projects.
-Lakes, marsh and wetland conservation people use areas.
-Projects to encourage farmers to leave fence lines and bush that is very valuable for habitat for many songbirds and other creatures.
-Donate money to purchase wildlife lands in the area.
-Annual youth and adult training courses for hunter safety training.
-Annual shooting competitions.
-Junior archery and air gun clubs.
-Tree planting.
-Annual club picnics or banquets.
-Many learn to shoot and family outdoor fun days, both indoor and outdoor.
-Sending deserving youths to the SWF Wildlife conservation camp each summer.
-Fish stocking projects on local lakes.
-Winter aeration of the “Puddle” near Mont Nebo in the 1980’s. This trout fishing aeration project is ongoing today with thousands of hours of sport fishing for members and the public.
-Ethical trapping and outdoor survival training sessions.
The club is still a very active club with the above activities performed by many generous volunteers.

2017 Medieval Feast news!

As part of the 65th Anniversary celebration, the 2017 Medieval Feast was planned. It was a great success the lots of great food consumed by the many guests and eaten using mainly their hands.
The strange and wondrous medieval 12 course meal including fiddleheads, gruya and ribs from the Kings beef, was the creation of Mardell and Chad Clark with other club member input, garnered up from medieval menu items from old time recipes. Mindy Cobb and her crew of serving “wenches” did a legendary job of getting all the courses of food platters delivered to the tables.
Ian Clark was the feastmaster in charge of designing and overseeing the feast and preparations with the assistance of club secretary-treasurer Barbie Clark and committee, while current club president, Lloyd Thomas was the purveyor of Spirits dispensing Old fashioned mead (honey wine) to all who wished to venture a swig of the old fashioned brew of 1452. Steve Clark was the court jester and soldier of fortune with some corny jokes and riddles to humour the night, while Anna Clark welcomed the guests and supplied cloaks for the uncloaked as well as providing photography of the special big juicy hip bone chew photo shoot and photos during the evening
The medieval games were a hit. Jousting, archery and quarterstaff competitions brought lots of laughs. King Darin and Queen Tina (Stene) and their lord Casey and Lady Julia (Riemer) did a great job of ruling the guests. As penance for breaking the Queen’s etiquette rules, feast guests Katherine Burack, Mindy Cobb and Johanna Bedard, rendered a hilarious bard singing of a rollicking medieval ballad to the pleasure of the feasters. Jody Smart followed up with a grand solo debut to make up for his many feast misdemeanors observed by the Queen.
Actors Blythe Cobb and Rowan Cobb and company brought rounds of applause for their juggling and jester perfomances.
Monk Victor Kroeker amused the tables with a quiet table visit with a call to penance to expand the 50/50.
Much to the amusement of the feast guests, Cheryl Mason won the battle against Keith Mason in a rather flighty and biased ancient archery competition.
Ben Beam and Gerald Minielly both won medals as they eventually muscled to a draw in the challenge of the Quarterstaff strength and balance competition after one staff broke during the intense medieval knight struggle.
In the lively jousting rivalry Donavan Kultgen and Greg Muller battled their mighty steeds around the great feast hall to win the jousting gold medals much to the crowd’s delight.
While many of the feast guests were local to Shellbrook area, some guests came from Yorkton, Saskatoon, PA, Debden, Spiritwood, Blaine Lake and areas. Altogether, in the Great Shellbrook Community Feast Hall it was a great night of feasting, fun, and fellowship for the Ladies and Knights from near and far.

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Our many conservation and responsible environmental projects involving wildlife and including youth and adults are made possible by our dedicated member volunteers and with the generous support of our many gracious sponsor/advertisers….

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