I took the Federal Firearm Safety Course a few years ago and need to get my PAL Possession and Acquisition License. Do I have to go through the class again?
It is not perhaps necessary for you to take the class again. You have a couple of options. If you took the class with one of our local instructors, we may be able obtain a copy of your final test results for a fee of $25.00 for you to use to apply for your PAL license. Otherwise you can take the course again with a test that consists of 50 questions both true and false and multiple choice. The test also involves a practical test which you will do with a trained instructor. The course is now 8 hrs by Federal rules ... from time to time Local instructors put on a PAL course in the clubhouse.

I lost my provincial Hunter Safety Card, how do I get a new one?
Contact the SAFE Organization at the link on this website.

I would like to take the Provincial Hunter Safety Course but I am not interested in the in house course or can't make it twice a week when it is offered. What can I do?
You can do an online course though the SAFE Organization and take your final test and practical through one of our local instructors. Ian Clark 747-7796 Barbie Clark 747-3781 Lyndon Tieszen 747-4351

I have my PAL. Can I go hunting even though I haven't taken the provincialhunter safety course?
No. The law requires individuals to take the Provincial Hunter safety course before they are able to buy a provincial license or hunt.

I took the Provincial hunter safety course in another province is it valid here in Saskatchewan?
In many cases, Yes it is.

I have sent my paper work into the Canadian Firearm Centre, how long does it take before I get my PAL back?
The time varies between 8 weeks and longer. Much depends on you providing accurate information to them on your form. One of the busiest times of the year is before and during hunting season. If you are thinking about going hunting in the fall, don't wait until September to PAL challenge the test and mail it in.

Is the Shellbrook Wildlife Federation only for people who want to hunt?
Our Club is for anyone that is interested in fishing and wildlife conservation and habitat preservation and development. The club does have both indoor and outdoor ranges for members to use and we are proud of our facilities. We are equally proud of the work we do with Ducks Unlimited and other Conservation organizations in Saskatchewan to help buy land - and preserve the habitat for the wild animals, birds, and fish.

What is a PAL?
The Possession and Acquisition License also known as the PAL is what the Federal Government requires you to have if you wish to own or borrow a gun, or want to buy ammunition. The PAL replaces the FAC., if you still have the FAC card it will speed up the PAL processing. After you have either passed PAL test, you mail the paperwork into the Canadian Firearm Centre.

Instuctors Ian Clark 747-7796 Barbie Clark 747-3781 Lyndon Tieszen 747-4351

I have a gun and want to go hunting but don't have a PAL. Can I still go hunting?
It is against the law to be in responsible for and in possession of a firearm without having a PAL. If you are hunting with a gun you need a PAL or you need to hunt close alongside someone with a PAL. If you are archery hunting you don't need a PAL.

I want to buy a handgun, is there anything I need to know?
Shellbrook Wildlife Federation has has affiliation with Shellbrook Target Shooting Club who uses the ranges and members of that club must be members of our Wildlife Club. You will have to show The Feds proof of membership for the Shellbrook Target Shooting Club before you will be able to buy your handgun.

I have a restricted firearm and need to know the land location of the club for my transport license.
The land location for indoor is: #99 2nd St SW Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada and outdoor SE 11 50 4 W3rd

I would like to get my children involved in your club, what do you have to offer young people?
We are very committed to creating an atmosphere that supports and encourages young people to become involved in Shellbrook Wildlife Federation. Along those lines we have developed Firearm Safety Courses that are designed to teach young people in a supportive environment. We also have an Archery Club and a SWF Summer Youth camp that teaches shooting, archery, fishing, survival skills, etc. when we have volunteers to operate it. We have a youth Shooting club which operates when we get volunteers to manage it. Contact us if you have volunteer time. Watch the schedule of events on this website for dates.