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Ranges/Training/ rules see below


(Some exceptions for club activities and for self insured rentals ie. SERM and gov. agencies)
Member only shall use the range and you may bring a SU V (Single Use Visitor). For legals, you must own a current Target club membership card. Personal firearm shooters must shoot under the PAL regulations. You are legally responsible for your SU visitor who must be under your immediate supervision at all times while they are handling firearms or bows.
You must PRINT your name and your SUV name in the logbook for each visit. Follow the instructions on the wall to pay the visit fee for your SU visitor before you shoot ($35 penalty). Log-in is Federal required; failure to log in may result in member suspension or expulsion or charges.
Range officer to be obeyed always. A Club member of your shooting party must be appointed as range officer. During a ceasefire, all guns/bows in use must be unloaded, empty, open and set down or on shooting bench pointing downrange and not handled ..... everyone must stay at least 1m from the bench. Do not load magazines at the bench during ceasefire.
Firing line shall be at 25m for allowed cartridges and your paper or plastic targets must be placed on the plastic target face at the far south end of the range (no target stands). Exception: Handguns or rimfire cartridges only may be fired from the 10 m firing line and wooden target stands, if used, may be put only at 3m line and only while shooting from the 10 m firing line. Shoot only down a lane. Make sure that your shots are directed to enter bullet catcher backstop when using target stands .
All live firing must be from one firing line and down a lane. The marked East Side range door is for emergency use only & shall remain locked when range is active.
The Red light at indoor range door entrance must be turned on when the range is active.
Only Handgun cartridges or rimfire cartridges may be fired during personal shooting times; NO centrefire rifle cartridges or shotgun slugs. Carbine/rifle/shotgun slug use is federally regulated as LIMITED to ONLY during Club sanctioned events or as club executive approved events.
Absolutely NO armour piercing ammo, incendiary or tracers, etc.. Please make sure to hit low on the plastic face with powerful or magnum cartridges. Please put brass in receptacles & garbage in its own receptacle. Hearing protection and safety glasses should be worn.
No Alcohol or intoxication or drug impairment. No smoking or e-cigs (public building charges/fines are applicable.) No foul language, no harassment, and no horseplay. No food or drink in the range area. All cig butts are put in the can outside the door.
DO NOT fire any shots into wood or any place other than your lane target area. Anyone not following the rules and/or any unsafe person may be expelled and/or charged. Dangerous use of a firearm is a criminal offense and not following range rules may be considered dangerous use of a firearm. YOU are responsible for all damages and costs associated with liability/repair/replacement for damage to persons or property as a result of using the range. Don’t lend your fob. Security cameras are on to help keep our range safe.
Markers & push points may be provided for your convenience- please return them to the holder can behind the left baffle. Turn on exhaust fan (west wall switch) to provide airflow & open rear ceiling roof slide INTAKE vents as needed.
This range is looked after by volunteer members, do your part and volunteer to clean, etc.
When you leave (do the checklist on the inside of clubhouse door)
Always check the website events, as the range will be closed during club authorized events.
Member personal use shooting times for indoor range, see website or ask for sheet. No personal member use before 5 pm on weekdays (except executive authorized).
Emergency # is 911- First Aid Kit is available in Clubhouse. If you use it, tell us so we can fill it
Range contact: Lyndon Tieszen 466-7351 Ian Clark 747-7796 Lloyd Thomas 747-2999

This indoor range works on a non-profit (loss) situation.
Each of our good Volunteer actions keeps our range alive.


Outdoor Range directions (range located on Hwy #55, 6km N of Shellbrook and 5km W on Hwy 55. At half km past the large Canwood forest sign, there is a big green/grey telephone pedestal in the ditch and little shooting emblem sign in ditch. Turn right there on the approach, then immediately turn left and follow the travelled trail for about 600 metres to the locked range gate.

Outdoor Range Rules.......Nv18
This range is private property. It belongs to the Club. Trespassers will be prosecuted!
Lake Country Wildlife Federation & Lake Country Target Shooting Club Inc.
Emergency phone 911 First Aid kit is in the yellow booth.
These rules help this range to be used in a safe manner and to keep it open and useable under Canadian Law.
The range is for member use all year (when weather accessible) except you must check club website as the range is closed occasionally for and club executive authorized events ….
Members only! Memberships expire Dec 31. All shooters must shoot under the PAL regulations.
By Federal Regulation you and your SU Visitor must print your names and date in the logbook at each visit before you shoot… and follow the instructions on the yellow box to pay the visit fee for your SUV before you shoot. (18 yr and under are free but must log in) (Exceptions: for self insured rentals ie. SERM or govt agencies or Club sanctioned events will just print renting organization name and persons names using and date used.) This includes anyone using the range including archery must sign in.
Members may bring a SUV (Single Use Visitor). Your SUV is your full legal responsibility … for safety and legality you must ensure that your SUV is continually under your immediate supervision. Memberships may be purchased at the Shellbrook Flower Shop or Arnie’s Guns or contact a club member. (It takes up to 16 days to get your new Fob activated or if your membership expires.)
Your Key Fob is issued to YOU. All unauthorized range use is trespassing. Do not let other people in at the gate and do not lend your key fob. Lock the gate behind you, both when going in and out. Memberships help pay improvements and upkeep of the range. Do not cut firewood inside the range area.
Range officer is to be obeyed at all times. A Club member of any shooting party should be appointed as your range officer for the entire firing line for rifle, pistol and/or shotgun use. At ceasefire: all guns must be unloaded, open & laid on shooting benches pointing downrange. NO FIREARMS or MAG or AMMO at the bench SHALL BE TOUCHED during ceasefire without range officer permission!! All firearms must be handled/used in a safe manner & must ONLY be fired downrange from the firing bench/line toward the backstop. Anyone not obeying range rules and/or being unsafe face being expelled and/or charges. Everyone must stay behind the firing line/shooting bench front when range is active. No aggressive (growling, barking, etc.) pets allowed on the range. Clean up after your pet. You are totally liable for your pet’s safety and actions at the range regardless of the circumstances.
Most handgun, rifle and shotgun cartridges can be used on this range (not .50 BMG). EXCEPTIONS: DO NOT shoot AT ANY metal targets with magnum type centrefire rifle cartridges or full metal jackets, titanium or armor piercing projectiles. The metal and wood of our range is expensive and can be damaged/destroyed by thoughtless shooters. Anyone who damages the metal, wood on the range will pay for damages and costs and may be expelled and/or charged. Security cameras in use.
DO NOT fire any shots into wood posts or supports or framing in the target area. Targets must be paper or thin plastic targets, etc. or non-ricochet targets of other material. Legal silhouettes are allowed and Club approved targets. (No cans, bottles, fruit, liquid in containers, etc. for targets) Markers and push points may be provided- please return to the container. NO fruit or food targets. (NO Bear & pest invites)
Vehicle use is limited down range. Please protect the fragile sand/grass surface.
Absolutely No alcohol or drugs or intoxication on the property. No smoking or e cigs, vape within 15m of firing line. No foul language, no harassment, no horseplay, etc. allowed. No food or drink in the shooting area. Please take your garbage with you, especially food garbage (to avoid bear, insect, rodent problems.)
Hearing protection and safety glasses should be used. Respect and obey all range signs.
Please clean up the range when you are done. Please leave it better than you found it.
Please put all brass and not any garbage in the brass container.
Emergency phone # is 911- First Aid Kit is available in Yellow booth - report if you use it so we can fill it.
Please report any damage in or around the range, or illegal users…. it will result in followup/prosecution.
Range contact:Ian or Barbie Clark 306-747-7796 Lloyd Thomas 747-2999 Lyndon Tieszen 466-7351
This range is cared for by volunteers, let’s leave our range better than we found it !!!!!!
Happy and Safe Shooting!!!!!


Lake Country (Shellbrook Ranges)


– Member Use Times and Info nv 18
Designated Indoor Range use time slots from Nov 5 to Apr 10 with wireless fob key -

5pm to 9:30pm Monday – 6 to 8 pm Adult supervised Jr. Archery & Air gun club only*
5pm to 9:30pm Tuesday evening – Firearms*
5pm to 9:30pm Wed. evening – Firearms and Archery staggered volleys**
5pm to 9:30pm Thursday –Archery and air guns*
5pm to 9:30pm Friday  - firearms and/or club sponsored events*
10am to 9:30pm Saturday all day – Firearms*
10am to 9:30pm Sunday- Firearms and archery staggered volleys**.

All other indoor range times are for rentals and executive authorized use only. Personal range use by a member is no extra cost at this time. See the posted indoor range rules for all details of use (see website outdoor range is available year round (if weather accessible.)
Important note: If there is NO attendance* for the designated use for that night, other members can use the indoor range for their own shooting (firearm, archery or airgun, etc.). If you go out the range door after the stated closing time, you will not get back in!!!!!

**Staggered volleys means a firearm shooters shoots 10 rounds and then ceasefire to check targets, then stay back from the line while archery shooters shoots one flight of arrows (up to 10 at one go without retrieving.). Then archery does ceasefire and retrieves the arrows and then let the firearms shoot a volley of ten rounds. Repeat. (Note: archery gets the use of the right two lanes on staggered volley times if firearm shooters are also using the range)
*No attendance means that if it is an Archery/airguns listed night (for instance Thursday) and no archery shooters show up then firearm shooters can shoot that night. If Archery/airgun shows up during their listed time/night, then firearms must vacate the range while the archery is shooting, it is not a shared night. This is reverse for a firearm listed night- archery would have to vacate.

NOTICE: We have had issues of damage and theft of club property. Close the outside door behind you when you go into the range. The ranges are private property. You are responsible if you let others in. Make sure to sign in before you shoot. If they have no Shellbrook Wildlife membership, they have no insurance or authorization and they cannot be there (except your paid SU V guest). Everyone needs a security fob key to enter either of the ranges unless executive authorized. Do not lend your fob key to non-members. Abuse of fob key use and/or not obeying range rules results in loss of membership and/or charges and/or costs. If you lose your fob key, you must report it immediately as it logs into the range and records your name.



Other info:

The shooting sports include "plinking" (some sort of paper target, etc., just to have fun, what many of us grew up with), and also "competitive" sports, which test your level of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of firearms. Everyone is welcome at the competitive matches as they are structured so you're competing against like skilled people, and you can be as competitive as you want.
Handguns used in the shooting sports range from traditional revolvers and pistols, to heavily modified versions: target sights, grips, heavy barrels, trigger work, and even long barrel single shot versions.
We have weekly practice nights (Tuesday and Friday evenings) which also provides lots of opportunity for those who want to shoot, but not necessarily compete. We have a number of fun shoots and fun matches throughout the year as well as the opportunity to attend provincial, national, and international matches.
We are asking for volunteers who want to chair these subcommittees and organise these events:
IPSC is a style of shooting which attempts to measure the ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun. Three elements: speed, accuracy, and power (calibre) - form the three sides of the practical shooting triangle. By design each match will measure a shooter's ability in all three areas.
PPC is a somewhat slower type of target shooting and is a great way to get a new shooter into competition and hone the skills of sight alignment and trigger control. There are both traditional revolver and semi-auto classes.
The object of the competition is to knock down metallic silhouettes (chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams) at various ranges to a maximum of 200 meters. There are classes for various handguns, and small bore rifles (.22 rimfire).


Range closures:
Check the events calendar for range closures for rental or club events during normal range open hours.
Range locations:
GPS coordinates to be determined.

Lake Country Wildlife Federation provides public courses that promote appreciation of the environment, the outdoors, wildlife and safety. All of our courses are taught by experienced instructors who give our students the knowledge to be safe but have fun in whatever sport they choose.

Introduction to Handguns and Rifles
For those of you who have an interest in handgun shooting or 22 rifle shooting but don't want to invest a lot of money up front, here is your perfect opportunity to try your hand at live firing!
Check the coming events calendar on this web site for the future dates for these family target shoot night events or learn to shoot events.

A separate event with limited numbers. What happens during the event?...
A condensed, to the point discussion of gun safety. You will be provided with safety glasses and hearing protection, we require that you wear comfortable clothing and running shoes or shoes with not much heel.
During the 2 hours you will have an opportunity to shoot the following guns: 22 Rifle
22 Revolver
22 Semi Automatic Handgun
38 Handgun
A .357 Magnum also known as a detective special gun (or similar).
The class size is limited to 12 people. If you are a lady and are interested in a women only course and can get 10 of your lady friends together we will also make that available. Everyone who attends will shoot each gun at least once but chances are you will have several opportunities to shoot each gun.
Following the event, you can study the online material (link provided toward top of page) which you need to receive your PAL Non Restricted (Rifle) and PAL Restricted (Handgun)and book to take your PAL course. PAL stands for Possession and Acquisition License which is the license which you need to acquire from the Federal Government in order to own or possess a firearm and ammunition.

Provincial Hunter Safety
Classes are usually offered usually starting in January. This 5 week (2 evenings a week) course is offered to anyone 11years old or older. Provincial law requires that anyone who is going to hunt needs to learn the safe handling of guns and how to hunt in a safe, reasonable and sane way. See our Events page for these courses.
Cost: $100.00 Payment in full is required at time of registration.
Limited to 25 students
If you miss a class, you may not be able to take your hunter safety test.
At the classes students will have an opportunity to shoot 22 Rifles under the guidance of our instructors.

Adult Intensive 3 Day weekend Course (friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)
We created this course and training for those individuals who are 18 years of age or older who are interested in an intensive course that covers the following:
provincial Hunter Safety plus Federal Non-Restricted Firearms (hunting firearms) Training and Testing, Federal Restricted Firearms (handguns) Training and Testing
This is an intensive training and (live fire course separate one day)and all students are required to study all of the materials provided prior to the class. Because we limit the class to 12 students, you must register online at . Registration is on a first come first serve basis. The course fee is $200 plus the test fees (non-restricted $135, restricted $125, provincial $100) plus basic ammunition costs of $25. These fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.